2 Hour Cruises

Sunset Cruises

Complete your day on the North Fork

When you visit the North Fork and the water beckons, include a 2 hour cruise in your plans for your day. It will be the one thing you'll remember most about your visit to our area. Being on the water when the sun moves lower in the sky at the end of the day is a real treat. The light is softer, the mood is more romantic, the relaxing sound of the water as it laps against the hull is just magical. The charge for a 2 hour sail is only $50 per person. We can accommodate up to 6 passengers and will combine groups to our 6 person max. Saturday or Sunday 5:30  p.m. before sunset sails when the Joie is in Greenport. When we are not teaching, we also offer private charters during the day or two hour afternoon cruises but you must call ahead.  Children must be over five, please, for your enjoyment and their safety.  To avoid disappointment, please call for advance reservations when planning your visit to the North Fork: 917-912-6342 or email captjoan@saillongisland.com.

Private Charters

We are available for private charters for your group up to 6 persons. Last summer, a bride and groom spent a few magical hours out in the harbor aboard the Joie de Vivre following their afternoon wedding reception in downtown Greenport. Another gentleman took his lady love out for a half day private sail as a special birthday treat. Another couple hired us for a "look see" from the water before they settled on a specific area in which to buy a house on the North Fork. You might want to spend a day aboard with your friends or family just to sightsee or enjoy the North Fork from a special vantage point. On a full day sail you can go ashore in 3 Mile Harbor (East Hampton) for lunch or bring you own picnic aboard. Please call us to arrange your own private sail to enjoy our neighborhood . $300 for two hours, $550 for a half day (4 hours), $950 for the full day (8 hours). Or call to discuss a weekend overnight sail for your private group to nearby Connecticut or the south fork of Long Island. There are so many wonderful places nearby to visit and explore.